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The Cinderella Musical in San Jose turned out to be quite enjoyable. I just love anything Disney Princess related.  I felt like a little girl again. It took me into this magical dreamy world away from all my worries and cares for a good two and a half hours. The actresses and actors did an outstanding job; considering it is a Broadway show, that’s not surprising at all.

The outfit I ended up wearing was the Old Navy Denim Dress with the Madden Girl pumps.  Since it is a dress (I love wearing dresses) and because my husband suggested it I ended up going with that option.  Also, since it was Holi (Hindu festival of colors) I wanted to go with something new; in Hinduism it is auspicious to wear new clothes on religious festivals.  I feel auspicious and “pure” when I do so for some reason–it was probably something that was ingrained into me by my mom during childhood!

I am glad I went with the dress.  Since it is denim and I could roll the sleeves down, it kept me warm enough in the chilly theater.  The only complaint I had about it though was that it kept riding up when I sat down because it is a stretchable denim material.  I was wearing opaque tights with it so it wasn’t much of an issue.  I felt quite elegant with the pumps; I don’t get to wear heels too often. But they were killing my toes after an hour of wearing them; I think maybe because I was wearing them out for the first time and they still needed to be broken in.  I really hope they get more comfortable since those are probably my favorite pair of heels, probably the tallest pair of heels I own.  I thought they were supposed to be comfortable because of the platform and initially it did seem like it in the store.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

I just love it when everyone is so dressed up at an event, since you rarely see that nowadays especially in the California Bay Area.  I was actually quite pleasantly surprised.

Here I am all excited to watch the musical…