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Don’t most of us ladies covet some items that we believe would make our life a little more complete if only we had them? We either wait for a special occasion or we wait until when we have some extra cash laying around to buy them. And sometimes we end up waiting forever and just imagine what we would do with them or how we would style them. I definitely do.

Here is my lust list that I have been thinking about forever (and btw, no one is paying me to tell you about these products—I’m just sharing my thoughts):

SEPHORA COLLECTION Prestige Luxe Brush Set


I have wanted this brush set for more than six months now. I currently don’t own any high end makeup brushes and I have learnt that they can make a huge difference in the application of one’s makeup.  It is only missing one brush that I would like, a foundation brush. I guess that is one brush I can buy separately if needed. Also, Pallavi Symons, who is apparently Bipasha Basu’s (a Bollywood actress) makeup artist, has inspired me to try out different looks with my makeup. I have been watching her tutorials on glamrs and it is so exciting to watch. That woman definitely knows what she is talking about when it comes to makeup. I recommend you ladies checking out some of her videos.

Women’s Patterned Canvas Slip-Ons from Old Navy


These sneakers are so adorable and would look really cute with jeans and anything you can think of, really. They could make a dress instantly more casual; you could be cute but comfortable at the same time! What I have in mind, is to pair them with my chambray and denim dresses from Old Navy.

Women’s The Rockstar High-Rise Flare-Leg Jeans from Old Navy

Women's The Rockstar High-Rise Flare-Leg Jeans - Rinse

They had these same jeans in a light wash which I wanted initially, but they don’t have any in my size anymore. The dark wash will do though. High waisted flared jeans are so in right now and I currently don’t own any high-waisted pants; I have thought of numerous ways I could style them. They could go really well with a cropped sweater with a collared shirt underneath. I think Deepika Padukone (a famous Bollywood actress) inspired me to wear them. I saw a video of her at a guest appearance at Google in Mountain View. She was wearing high waisted jeans with pumps and a plain white top; her stylist did an amazing job of styling her. It suited her tall and slim physique. Here is a picture I found of her at the event in her high waisted jeans. You can’t really see her outfit that clearly but it is one of the few images I could find.


 Blue Flared Fusion Ethnic Wear Skirt by Ethniche Couture


I am a huge fan of Indian ethnic skirts because they can be styled in an Indo Western manner. Most of the time, I wear them with a black or white tank top/plain top. I would add some bangles and a silver colored necklace like this one from Forever 21 which I currently own.


And there you have it. I have a few other items on my wish list but I’ll save that for another post in the future. I would love to hear from you—let me know which items you like.

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