The #100sareepact

The #100sareepact

Finally, I found some women who share my views on the sari. I have been mourning the decline of sari wearers lately, since I absolutely am obsessed with them. The 100 saree pact is such an awesome way to revive the sari. Why didn’t I think of starting something like this? It was started this year by two lovely ladies who live in Bangalore, India. Since their saris were just sitting in their closet and worn very minimally, they decided to start a pact where they would wear them at least 100 times this year (that averages out to twice a week). Their friends caught on to this pact fast and word spread quickly. Now, thousands of women are following the pact all over the world and tagging their sari pictures to Facebook and Twitter. How exciting! If you want to share in the excitement, all you have to do is hash tag a picture of you wearing a sari to Facebook and/or Twitter using the following hashtag: #100sareepact. You can even add a couple of lines describing the story of that particular sari you are wearing in the picture; you can describe what type of sari it is, for what occasion you wore it for, or really anything you like. And here is a picture of me wearing a sari which I hashtagged as #100sareepact on Facebook…


This is one of many posts where I will be discussing saris, since I love them so much. I can go on and on discussing those by talking about my views on them as well as how sad I feel that women are not wearing them as much nowadays even to Indian cultural and religious events. I feel the salwar kameez and churidhar is much more common than the sari nowadays which is quite unfortunate, because saris look way more elegant and graceful on a woman.


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