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Ladies, do you have trouble selling your stuff to consignment stores? The shops where you can bring in your “gently” used clothing and get cash back for them. I have tried it out a few times and have not had much luck. After cleaning out my closet, I walk in all giddy to the store with this huge bag of clothing hoping I’ll earn some quick cash. Most of the time I end up leaving hopelessly dejected and hurt. My ego gets pricked. Every time I return dejected from the consignment stores, it is hard not to second guess my fashion sense and ability. I always thought that I had at least some good quality items ready that would sell. But then again they are items that I don’t want any more and some of them are old styles.

Also, I feel most of these consignment stores are catered towards trendy teenagers. Nowadays, I try to stay away from buying extremely trendy styles of clothing although I do shop in some of the stores meant for teenagers like H & M and Forever 21. I know a lot of us grown women are guilty of that; sometimes those types of stores have such cute clothing. I am still trying to transition into more grown up brands and styles.

Anyway, I try not to let it affect my self-esteem too much when they don’t buy back any of my clothes. I usually forget about it within a few days. And I do know that even some very fashion forward women have a tough time selling back at these stores. I know they are very picky and only buy certain styles during a particular season.

Ladies, I would love to hear back from some of you about your experiences with selling back used clothing to consignment stores.