Crop tops seem to be so in vogue nowadays; sadly I don’t own any currently. They seem to be more suited towards teenagers or girls in their early 20s. Or maybe I am just too shy about showing off my midriff since I do have a little pooch going on over there. However, I do wear sari blouses along with saris if that counts.

A few months ago I had a gathering at my house and my friend was wearing a gold, sleeveless crop top as a sari blouse with a lehenga that she bought at BCBG . How cool is that? It looked like a normal sari blouse and on top of that it fit her perfectly without her needing to get any alterations. She had told me that BCBG had the same type of blouse she was wearing in other colors as well and that her friends also buy sari blouses from there; and on top of that they never need to get it altered.

How does that work? Then why do we have such a tough time with Indian tailors getting that perfect fit? And ready-made sari blouses hardly ever fit well. Anyway, crop tops are quite convenient for us ladies who live in the United States where it’s not so easy to find sari blouse tailors.

Here are some pictures of other crop tops at BCBG that could be paired with saris. Both of these would pair well with a black or brown plain sari.



This third one could be paired with a printed sari that has a touch of black in it.


So what do you think? Would you pair crop tops with saris?