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A girls’ night out is super fun. It is such a fun time to catch up on girly stuff, gossip a little, and best of all…dress up. The food was to die for at an awesome Vietnamese restaurant we went to in Mountain View—Xanh. It was such a treat after eating Indian food on most days; it was getting to be monotonous. We went dancing as well which I don’t get to do too often. It had been a while. It is just so nice to let loose and let go of all my stress. I ended up wearing a blue dress with pink polka dots on it. For shoes I ended up going with flat, tall, brown, Nine West boots since I thought they would be super comfortable to dance in. I didn’t want to be in pain dancing in uncomfortable heels especially since it was supposed to be a fun, relaxing night out.  I got the idea from a friend who wore flat boots another time I went dancing; her feet were super comfortable. I do recommend you girls trying it out; your feet will thank you for it. Mine did 🙂

Here I am in my girls’ night out outfit…


Dress: Franchesca’s Collections

Boots: Nine West

Earrings: Forever 21

Watch: Michael Kors